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Great Golf Gifts Made Easy To Buy

Trying to buy a great golf gift is sometimes hard. Your golfing firends and family first of all play with a specific type ball. Do you know which flavor they are playing with today? Yes, golfers change their balls all the time. So, if you buy the wrong ones, it goes into their shag bag. What’s a shag bag? It is a bag of golf balls only used in practice and never in a “real” golf game!! So, you decide to buy them a shirt. Oh the brands, styles and sizing. First you have to decide on the style. Secondly on the color and thirdly on the size. Oh boy. My husband does not wear dark colored shirts, is mostly XL and likes longer sleeves. His address is….. Ha Ha. It is very hard to buy the right shirt, even when it looks like a bargain at less than $60. So, if you want to buy something they have never ever seen and a gift they won’t or not want to take back, look for something personalized. Get their name printed on something golf. Try ball markers, cups, shirts, bags orgo to In The Sand Golf and get their named framed! There are more options out there, but find something unique instead of the same ol’ same ol’!! Mary Whitworth, Golfer